Bringspring is a young technology listed company established in 2005. Driven by ongoing innovative, focus on health data and intelligent cloud services areas. We have established a cutting-edge technologies portfolio in cloud computing, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and service. With more than ten years efforts, Bringspring is committed to building a better intelligent and healthier world, and we have grown into a considerable investment value and development potential company.

What do we offer to the world?

We promote innovative medical technology access to Chinese market with global talent and technology.

In 2016, we founded Bringspring Research Institution across four regions of China and the United States, which gathered experts and scholars from all over the world to promote the continued development. The medical branch, located in Boston, with Beijing Fuwai Hospital jointly set up R & D center. Relying on health data to develop the world's leading algorithm, we determined to become the Chinese health smart angel.
The four Research regions are,

Boston Medical Research Institute,
Shanghai Meehealth
Beijing Fuwai hospital and Bringspring joint Research center
Shenyang big health and big data Innovation Center

Creating high-quality medical products and services for the people.
In 2015, we made acquisition of the industry's leading force, Shanghai Meehealth Technology Co., Ltd., consolidating the company business in the field of clinical subdivision;
In 2016, Bringspring took the lead in undertaking the national science and technology support program on big health data, and explored a new business model in the field of health services;
2017, jointly launched the China health big data Limited company, to build a healthy medical big data ecosystem.
At present, Bringspring health products and services have been applied in several well-known top hospitals in China, effectively improving the efficiency and quality of medical services, and benefiting more people.

Insight into the needs of the industry, creating extraordinary results for customers.
Following the pace of IT's transition to the DT, Bringspring has launched an industry cloud solution and an operational service based on big data - smart Cloud services. Bringspring integrate business data, monitoring data, operation data and other-added services, to provide smart end-to-end service for customers.

In the field of smart city, Bringspring constructed Shenyang Smart City Operations Command Center, which represents the highest level of the smart Shenyang, as the city platform decision in many important events to provide linkage dispatching and decision support.

As a national high-tech enterprise and the national planning key software enterprises, Bringspring got the ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001 certification, obtained the information system integration and service first class qualification, the national information security service qualification, smart building engineering contractor qualifications, software capability maturity model CMMI certification, double soft certification and many other professional qualifications.

With more than ten years of service, Bringspring continued to create extraordinary value for customers in the field of medical, financial, social security, electricity, communications and other industries.

In Beijing, Shanghai, and Tieling, Bringspring established a wholly owned subsidiary, set up in the northeast, North and southwest as the focus, covering major areas of national sales and service network, continue to provide assured, moving, blessing of products and services for customer.

In order to become the most respected science and technology innovation platform, brought together the world of excellence, continuous innovation, temper forward, vowed to create more value for customers, partners and society.

Commitment to make our lives healthier and smarter.